The Vessel

Architects : Ng Yi Ming

Year: 2020 Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“BREAKING WALL, BUILDING BRIDGES” The construction of an architecture marked the beginning of disconnection between the internal and external community, a gesture of self isolation. The idea for this housing proposal is to get away from the common perception where housing only serves the residence itself where a building could do more than just promoting self isolation. With the premises which aim to stimulate openness attitude to promote social recognition and context connectivity, this project is meant to live up the ambition of reform the connectivity within the immediate context of B40 cluster in terms of physically, visually and spatially. Thus, this proposal introduced an urban footbridge as a master planning development for these communities to trigger positive impact. Although the elevated footbridge is a physical infrastructure, it carried functional purpose and resolved the traffic congestion and promoted a walkable community in the area. In short, his proposal is about connectivity and engagement to the contexts which leads to a more sustainable & sociable public building.