Living Traces; Leaving Trace

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Architects : Ng Yi Ming & Chai Yi Yang

Year: 2021 Location : Gangtou Village, China. Competition : Q-Village Gangtou International

How do we retrace a rural culture timely within a built environment that is constantly decaying? In a world of consumption and obsolescence, buildings dilapidated rapidly and lost their original functionality. Despite their impermanence, these ruins or leftover buildings are still part of the heritage fabric, unfolding the immediate imageability of the unique history and locality. They are the traces of a place and its people, the living proof to native culture.

Inspired by the universal value of ‘inheritance’ embedded deep within Chinese tradition, we speculate an architectural intervention which regenerates new programmes from time to time, from generation to generation within the timeframe of buildings to decay. Instead of a stagnant structure, the architecture proposed is an evolving archetype combining the old and new, that adapts to the surrounding context through its lifetime.

Within the context of Gangtou Village, this proposal shall position itself as a protective yet adaptive shelter to local Lingnan culture. It embodies the authentic Lingnan humanistic heritage as progressive programmes, which drive the revival of socio-economic activities and communal revitalization. Meanwhile, the conjunctional architecture of old and new that transforms over time could evoke a time-based spatial experience akin to an archaeological odyssey. PROJECT GALLERY