La Taba

Architects : Estudio QO + Taller la fundacion

Year: 2020 Location: Santa Fe, Argentina.

La Taba is a project that reflects on the tension between intimacy and openness present in a house ,It is mainly by a single grand gesture: a prism composed of open and closed locking brick walls that folds on its center of greater intimacy, The walls that define this path are rotated regarding the street to find the best orientation, allowing at the same time the presence of courtyards and cross visuals.

Its program is the minimum necessary to enjoy a piece of land on the outskirts of the city of Rosario. As if inviting you to walk through it, the facade presents the first fold, which determines the garage and the entrance house from where the initial box becomes permeable to the gaze anticipating the green of the bottom of the plot.

The second fold generates the back and support of the other three glazed facades of the living-dining room.The third fold separates the bathroom and the storage room while turning the room towards a small triangular private patio. This space perceives light through the brick screening and fundamentally from an upper hole guaranteeing natural illumination and ventilation without losing privacy.

The result is a rotated box contained by the largest brick screen box. The last operation carried out is a break in the concrete slab, hierarchical the living-dining room, and generating a terrace accessible, by a spiral staircase, from the space that delimits the first fold. In turn, this accessible terrace allows projecting a possible expansion within the initial volume of the house.

The counter facade opens similarly to the front being the barbecue area placed behind the closed sector.The gallery floor extension and the swimming pool respect the rotation angle of the house. This strategy is to take optimal advantage of the background space. PROJECT GALLERY