Ground / Soil

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Architect : Blake William Jurmann, Emily Chebaia, Ajaypal Khera

Year: 2020 Location : Barangaroo, Sydney, Australia.

The "third university" (La Paperson) is one that seeks to dismantle existing colonial structures and systems, and reassembles these components to generate a new institution for the post-work and post-university. The project will provide space for the conflicting bodies of the conversation that surrounds land use and responsibility, to make and negotiate their claim, as well as providing agency for the rhetoric that is currently considered to be valid in this, and the proposition of other media as newly validated evidence. The project does not follow the existing narrative of education that attempts to prepare students for their predetermined role in industry and the commodification of these individuals, but instead seeks to facilitate a symposium for a singular thematic, and the wider range of conversations that will effectively explore this.