Everyone's square

Architects : Festim Krasniqi, Burim Canaj , Rinor Imeri, Albiola Bodeci.

Year: 2020 Location : Rahovec, Kosovo. Competition: International Design Competition for the Central City Square of Rahovec

finalist and community prize

The strategic area plan and the place making scenarios for public programs are empathetic to the citizens daily life and celebrate the geographic wealth of the city. The park approach gives a human scale to the large land area. The scheme’s specificity of place also allows clarity of program, yet the theater of the weekly market, coupling of programs with the city’s surrounding enterprises and seasonal festivals impact could be celebrated in the geometry with more open-ended places.

Our proposal aim is this space to serve the community from the social aspect by offering many different recreational services, green spaces, spaces for business development mainly in the production of grape products. We want every group of interest finds itself easily part of the city by experiencing place and it's cultural potential.

-“What does the square offer today?”

-“What will the project offer tomorrow?”

The project of the public square will be: Unique: The concept of the project is inspired from the wine grape product, the pouring of wine into the glass dictates the movement of the lines. The mobility of the lines is outlined with green spaces which symbolize the vineyards.

  • Attractive: Providing a large number of activities to be implemented in this project.

  • Accessible: Treatment of existing roads, creation of bicycle and pedestrian paths. The square will be for pedestrians except for certain hours of vehicle movement.

  • Equal and safe: Establishing different spaces for all age groups of citizens to exercise different activities, encourages social and artistic activities.

  • Flexible: Some of the designed spaces are adapted and changeable depending on the season and the activity that will take place