Elderly Fun Palace

Architects : Ng Yi Ming

Year: 2018 Location : Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. Submitted for Presidents Medals 2018

Active seniors had always been one of the communities that made up a portion of Malaysia's population yet most of them are not being appreciated. "We tried not to age, but time had its range." It is only just a matter of time when we become seniors in our country.

An active seniors' clubhouse is proposed near the central district of George Twon, Penang to create a gathering space for this aging community where they can fill up their time as they reach retirement. The site is situated along Gat Lebuh Macallum, strategically suitable to attract elderly residents.As we grow older, we might not have the physical capabilities to enjoy life, but the trick is growing up without growing old. This proposal intends to REACTIVATE the elderly's inner child, changing their lifecycle as they enter this clubhouse, as if making them young again. It also allows their surrounding community to acknowledge the presence of the elderly, including them back into the society.

Growing old should not be alone and wait for our hair to turn from balck to white; Growing old should be happy, with those of the same age, going to a place where we "UNGROW" together!