Circular pavilion

Architects : Studio ACTE

Year: 2021 Location : Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The Circular Pavillion is a sleeping cabine taking place in the Culture Campsite of Rotterdam. This proposal aims to build a first rammed earth test project. The purpose of this construction is to be fully sustainable, but also to demonstrate the qualities and feasibility of a rammed earth construction in the Netherlands.

The cabin is transparent and lifted from the ground. A floating entrance offers a poetic experience of the place and a certain intimate toward this industrial site. A curtains system give the possibility to the guest to close the shed. As a minimal space, the cabine plays with details and offers a subtential confort for a urban night.

As a circular process, these walls are made from recycled excavated earth from a construction site in Rotterdam. The wooden structure and the system of polycarbonate panels are re-used material. PROJECT GALLERY