Our Collective
MURU is an organization that aims to involve the community of architects and architecture students from all over Peru -and abroad- in solving the demand for quality public infrastructure managed by the different administrative entities of the State.
At MURU,  we understand that architecture competitions are valid tools that allow us to expose an specific problem of public infrastructure, so that it is attended by professionals willing to present their ideas in an environment that motivates and encourages their exchange.   
The requirements   MURU invites architects -professionals and undergraduate students- to participate in the contest without any kind of requirement; In other words, no previous accreditation -bachelor degree or title- will be necessary.   Everyone can submit their proposal without any filter that disables them. Participants in the contest may do it individually or in teams of no more than 05 MEMBERS.   It is suggested, for teams of more than 01 participant, to appoint a representative with whom contact will be made for any issue to be consulted.
The project
The contest puts into discussion the architectural solution for the PLAYA GRAU MUNICIPAL MARKET, in Ayacucho.
The registered teams will design the proposal at the level of the architectural preliminary project based on the design criteria, presentation requirements and architectural program described in the bases.
Proposals must demonstrate an understanding of the needs of the built environment and users of the Market, which are described in an information kit that will be delivered to the participating teams, once their registration in the contest has been made and confirmed. This kit will contain the detailed version of the architectural program and additional artwork.
The award
The jury will choose 01 winning proposal and 02 honorable mentions. The winning participants will receive the following award: S /. 5,000.00 (PEN)  
Intellectual property
The authors will retain the intellectual property of the submitted works, and none of them, not even the winners, may be used for other purposes, nor as material for the writing of other projects by architects other than the respective authors.
Contestants will assign to MURU only the exploitation rights that correspond to the publicity of the contest and its results, as well as, if the convening entities consider it appropriate, those of publication, book publishing and exhibition of the works presented.
Diego Morales (PER) Urban Architect
Jheny Nieto (COL) Project Director Architect.
Jauyin leung (PER) Master Architect in Urbanism.
Sandra Estrada (PER) Architect Master in Urbanism.
Francis Rivera (PER) Architect Master in Architecture.
MARCH 16 to 27. DELIBERATION of the jury
March 30th. Delivery of RESULTS
March 31st.
Price awarding